How to Use Wax Melts

What are wax melts?

Wax melts are scented chunks of wax that release fragrance when heated but the wax does not evaporate. Wax melts are a fabulous alternative to scented candles. Not only are they cheaper but stronger scent release due to being wickless. 

How to use wax melts

Break off one or two chunks of your wax melt (depends how strong you like your fragrance) and place in either a tealight or electric wax burner. If using a tealight wax burner, place an unscented tealight candle inside and light to release gorgeous scents that fill you home.

If you are using a tealight burner please only use up to 4 hour tealights as any longer will cause the burner to become dangerously hot and can shatter. Please read your burner's enclosed safety information and follow the instructions for safe use.

Our products may look or smell good enough to eat but they are not for consumption, please store wax melts safely away from children and pets in a cool dry place. All of our wax melts state the allergens on the back of the packaging.

Remember to keep burners away from children and pets and do not move the burner whilst lit.

The number one rule of wax and Candle safety is never leave unattended!

How to change your wax

One Chunk of wax should last you several hours of fragrance. When you can no longer smell the fragrance it is time to replace the wax. 

Light a tealight or turn on your electric warmer so the hardened wax melts. Once wax is in a liquid state soak up with cotton wool pads (be careful of spillages and make sure you have a bin close to hand). Now your burner is ready for a new melt!

Failure to keep your wax burner maintained may lead to fire risks. 


Please keep the edges and outside of your burner free from wax and residue, inspect this before every use and clean regularly using hot soapy water. Please dry completely before using. Failure to dry your burner correctly may cause wax to spit, this could also lead to fire risks. 

Please dispose of your wax melts responsibly. Wax should be disposed of in line with your local authority. Do not dispose of wax into drains or sewers. Some fragrance oils used in the wax melts are also toxic to aquatic life. Wax that is discarded into the drainage/ sewage systems can have a very damaging environmental impact with long lasting effects. Wax can also be damaging to wildlife if ingested. 

Do not try and use any sharp tools or put excessive pressure on your burner to remove wax. This could damage your burner and make it unsafe to use.